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PR Office

Employment Aid

“Charting Paths to Success, Together!”


 Overall, working plays a significant role in shaping individuals' lives, providing them with opportunities for personal and professional growth, financial stability, social connections, and a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Our goal is to assist the individual in becoming a valuable member of society by facilitating the acquisition of skills essential for researching and securing meaningful employment opportunities.


Our mission is:

  1. Training in skills for acquiring a job (pre-vocational skills)

  • Exploration of professional pathways

  • Basic skills searching for a job

  • Basic skills required for work readiness 

  • Executive Functioning


  1. Training skills in the job (vocational skills)

  • Acquiring skills for problem-solving and troubling shouting at the workplace

  • Teamwork and collaboration (incl. building social connections)

  • Establishing clear communication and expectations

  • Learn how to ‘bank’ energy to prevent burn-out in the workplace

  • Executive Functioning 


  1. Training skills for maintaining or moving up in the job hierarchy (vocational skills)

  • Advanced skills for multi-level communication

  • Executive Functioning 


Ages: 15-25 years old

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