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“Navigating Neurodiversity: Understanding Your Unique Path”


The diagnostic assessment at Monorodi aims to provide diagnosis and psychoeducation, empowering and educating individuals to accept and understand their diagnosis. Additionally, techniques are offered to enhance the daily lives of both the individual and their significant others.


  • We offer a transdiagnostic approach to comprehensively evaluate each individual, utilizing physical observation, diagnostic tools, and interviews.

  • We offer psychoeducation on neurodevelopmental disorders alongside diagnostic evaluation.

  • Parents are trained to play an active role in the assessment process. During the assessment, the individual learns to observe themselves and participates in analyzing the assessment findings.

  • We provide training to increase awareness and understanding of one's own diagnostic assessment findings and how they relate to everyday life.

  • We offer support to relatives for the next steps after the diagnosis.

  • A written report of the assessment findings is provided.

  • The diagnosis is validated by a psychiatrist.


Ages: 2 years - 30 years

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